Child Trafficking Project (CTP)

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December 30, 2016
Watch Our Support To Women In Sandu
January 3, 2017

Child trafficking is an age-long phenomenon. Yet structures that have been put in place to address this issue are woefully inadequate. Ghana and for that matter Northern Region is seen to be a transit point for recruiting young girls who are about school going age to travel to the cities of Ghana for greener pastures. The underlying dynamics of this phenomenon is the fact that the northern region recorded the highest illiteracy and poverty rates of the country. This is evident of the high percentage of young girls in the cities of Ghana (Accra and Kumasi) who are head potters (kayayo) are from the northern sector of the country. This is a violation of children rights. Depending on the availability of our resources to run this programme, YOVI proposed to target both in-school and out of school youth to address the menace. 

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