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Education is the foundation of YOVI’s youth development efforts. The organisation
advocates for improved access to quality education for all young people, regardless of
their socio-economic backgrounds. We collaborate with educational institutions,
government agencies, and other stakeholders to develop and implement programmes
that enhance learning opportunities. At the government level, YOVI has actively
engaged with relevant government departments to champion initiatives focused on
advocating for children’s rights and the inclusion of vulnerable groups in decision-
making processes. On the other hand, Sports play a vital role in the physical, mental,
and social development of young people. We promote the importance of sports and
recreational activities as a means to foster teamwork, leadership, and personal growth.
Through sports tournaments, we encourage youth to stay active, develop valuable life
skills, and discover their passions. Our educational initiatives go beyond traditional
academic subjects. The organisation supports integrated vocational and skills training
programmes to equip young individuals with practical skills that can lead to sustainable
livelihoods and prevent teenage pregnancy. Mentorship programmes are also an
integral part of our education strategy, providing guidance and support to young people
as they navigate their academic and personal journeys. Through partnerships with
schools and key stakeholders, YOVI works to bridge the education gap and create an
environment where every young person can unlock their full potential.

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