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YOVI places great emphasis on promoting gender and social inclusion, particularly with
regard to women and girls, persons with disabilities (PWDs), and other marginalised
populations. This commitment to inclusivity is outlined in the organization’s gender
policy and strategy, which guides its actions and initiatives. YOVI believes in promoting
gender equality and social inclusion as essential components of youth development.
The organisation works to challenge traditional gender norms and stereotypes that
hinder equal opportunities for young people. It advocates for policies and practices that

support gender equality, such as equal access to education, healthcare, and economic
opportunities. In addition to gender equality, YOVI actively promotes social inclusion by
fostering an environment that respects and embraces diversity. The organisation
conducts training programmes and workshops to sensitise communities about the
importance of inclusivity and non-discrimination. YOVI also ensures that its own internal
practices prioritize diversity and inclusion, creating an organisation that mirrors the
values it promotes. Through creating safe spaces for dialogue and collaboration, YOVI
aims to empower young people, especially those from marginalized groups, to
participate actively in decision-making processes and leadership roles.

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